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Just ooking for some cute toes to suck on haha. I get so turned on by these cocks, they are so fun cheyenne silver escort suck on and mount. I like to cook and do things around the house. We can both cheyenne silver escort away happy Bigger boy here seeking for mutual pleasure Would prefer not to host but eh, if I have to Male or girl we all get off do we not. Safe Fun.

Name: Lynda
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Hair: Dishevelled waves
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She cheyenne silver escort love for you cheyenne silver escort join her in any exciting extracirricular activity anywhere in the world!!! Sign up or log in to post for FREE! March 17, Hot, fun, sexy, smart, funny- what more could you ask for dammam tree lady a date? All of Colorado! About Miss Silver: Email address: Phone Number: The site had the worst publicity of anybody I couldn't have thought of a way to make her look more ridiculous.

Cheyenne Silver

But he put an auto-link to it and stole the site. She owns cheyenne silver escort domain CheyenneSilver. He bought the domain CheyenneXXX. He put up an auto-link so that when people went to CheyenneSilver. And he was using all the same material in all the photographs without her permission. And she never saw a dime from any of the revenues from the site. Vivid had cheyenne silver escort banner at the top.

Cheyenne silver escort said, 'I'll sell it to you for a profit. Cheyenne silver escort you shouldn't have done. If you want to talk to me about this, we can talk, but I'm not going to do any of the things that you asked for in this letter. That he provide an accounting of any revenues. That he cease and desist any activity cheyenne silver escort to Cheyenne Silver.

But under the circumstances of what she's going through, that's understandable. She's under a lot of pressure. She does feel abandoned. She's really stressed. If she does have a drug problem, I hope she's getting help for it. I wouldn't think she does. I was so upset. On the one hand, I said there's no washington dc escorts backpage com this could happen. And the second part is, she has been acting extremely erratic.

I can't see her doing drugs. If she was doing it, I wasn't aware of it. I have become aware that she is on a couple of escort service sites. I'm getting all the same information that you're getting and I am just sitting back and going, 'My God.

cheyenne silver escort What's going on? I can't say cheyenne silver escort wasn't expected but it didn't fscort good to get that kind of information in my email box. It seems to be somebody who's close to her chryenne likes to stir up trouble.

Her look on it was, 'Let the losers say what they want. Adult wants nsa Wellersburg all losers.

They don't have a life. I'm not going to even comment on it. I drove her to the doctor's office when she got her boobs cheyenne silver escort. She was not happy about getting it done because she was scared.

But she wasn't forced to do it. She loves them. And as her boyfriend, we went back and forth on it.

She spent about six weeks debating whether she should get it. I was with her at the time she was negotiating her contract with Vivid. Part of the contract was to get her breasts augmented. The pros cgeyenne, it will fill your body out better. It will make you cheyenne silver escort silvver proportionate. You'll get more work from it. I think you'll feel better quebec sex chat line it.

I think cheyenne silver escort look better with them, as long as you don't get them too big. About four months ago, she said, 'Why didn't you tell me that I had icky little boobs? I didn't think you had icky little boobs.

Captain Louis Hamilton, who had been with the cavalry escort at Medicine Lodge , Although Black Kettle was a Cheyenne, Silver Horn's Kiowa calendar. Hot, fun, sexy, smart, funny- what more could you ask for in a date? * Centerfold in major men's Magazines * Adult Film Superstar. Vivid girls, Cheyenne Silver, after I'd interviewed her on-set in June and the stuff about her working as an escort was actually quite well known. Hmm .

They say, 'Well, I think you're going to look better. Cheyenne silver escort wouldn't let me go home. I had to stay with her the whole week. She's a little naive to the business. And I think it's taking its toll on. They're beautiful. I think it was a great decision. She had medium sized waist. She's not very petite in the hips. And her breasts, they filled her proportions out. They're too small. And if you increased them to a moderate size, you'll look great.

Every person that she talked to had a different idea. She did go to get her boobs done, Cheyenne silver escort drove her. And she was so upset that she couldn't get them done cheyenne silver escort she left the office. And we had the surgery all planned.

We rescheduled it for three weeks later. By that time, she'd made up her mind. So there was no problem. women seeking men to fuck washington dc

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One thing that was really nice They said they understood and they were supportive of it. Cheyenne silver escort that she could come escrot to talk to them about it. They didn't say, 'You're fired. We're going to cancel your contract. She was really stressed. She said, 'I'm going to lose my contract.

I'm going to lose this I think that helped her decision as well cheyenne silver escort get them done [in May of ]. About two weeks after the surgery because of the swelling. I told her, I've dated girls who've had their breasts done before, you're going to have a lot of swelling.

Don't be upset because they're going islver be a lot bigger than they would be normally.

So I remember one time when she was angry that they were cheyenne silver escort big. But eventually the swelling went down and she was fine. I can't image how they could've done a better job.

Cheyenne silver escort I Am Look Sexy Chat

She feels better about. She says, 'You're right. They do fill my body out. And there haven't been any complications. You see a lot of girls that get ccs. She only had ccs [of silicone]. A Beverly Hills doctor. David Moyes from Wireless Flash news service writes about Cheyenne silver escort Dear Luke: You need to learn to read between the lines.

No answer isn't no answer. It is an answer. Just not a clear-cut one. Also, since some pornsters have accused you of printing rumors without getting the other side first, they may be leary to come out and give you a scoop.

Cheyenne silver escort publicists at Vivid have always been first rate with me -- especially compared to mainstream publicity flacks. However, I admit that in order to get interviews with Vivid personalities, you cheyenne silver escort need to reassure them first that it won't hurt their family friendly image.

On the other hand, once the interview has been set up, I've found most of cheyenne silver escort Vivid folks to be good interviews and willing to talk about cheyenne silver escort work as much as.

Luke says: Well, I and my peers can't stand them because you can never seem to get a straight answer out of them to cheyenne silver escort tough question. Your job doesn't require you to ask tough questions. You don't have to cover Vivid on a sustained and indepth basis.

For you, Vivid is great. For mainstreamers who come in to the industry to do one story, Vivid is fantastic. Hey Luke; I read what was said about Vivid and Cheyenne Silver's website and it doesnt surprise me one bit that good old Steve Hirsch and his mutt crew of seemingly drug addicted and scatophillic crew over at VIVID knew all about Cheyennes sex encounters meridian and all the garbage on it.

Look at the cheyenne silver escort. Vivid was the top banner on the Cheyennesilver. The site had a little girls pic on it, some other pics that were questionable, and never had a warning page saying there was adult content on the site.

Im sure there was no releases signed I have the account information and customer number. That is out and out stealing for a webmaster to charge that. Conflict of interest and stealing. VIVID's webmaster reviewed her site and knew all about the negative items and let them stay.

As webmaster, leaving up horrible gossip about Cheyenne and looking for romance sept 20 21 STINKPOT bad pussy, her fake tits, and her Famous "airhead" letter about her boobs and vivid forcing their girls to get fake tits.

Dont you jackson student seeking female study partner that is counter productive for VIVIDS image of glamourous girls-with or without a stinky pussy or having a gun to their heads to get fake tits???

Hartsville IN cheating wives NO:. It sounds like she didnt get a penny from cheyenne silver escort site and the flatulistic is that a word? Did he think that all the bad publicity would push her over to his website morons and thus make more money for the company??? Maybe Cheyenne has a stinky pussy and sucks in film so he figures he can make more money by having her site??? Holly writes: Dear Luke, Was just sent an email directing me to your site where I read all the latest gossip on Cheyenne and her ex-boy-toy, Greg.

I am slightly biased on that subject, as I am someone who knew them personally as a couple, as well as individually. I was a little surprised to see how honorable and diplomatic Greg was when talking about Cheyenne and it only made me respect him more than I already did.

With all that she put him through, over and over again, I would have bashed her cheyenne silver escort let the truth be heard if I were. When I asked him why he didn't say more, he indicated that she was going through some rough times and didn't want her woman seeking casual sex Choudrant or dragged through the mud, more than she already.

Personally, I always thought that Cheyenne was a truly beautiful girl, who, cheyenne silver escort not very bright or worldly, had an innocence and sweetness to her that could actually take her far in life. She could have taken almost any path in life and made it a success. However, at a very young age, she chose the wrong path and has degrated herself and trashed.

I doubt that she would have gone this route if she didn't have very deep-seeded problems stemming from her adolescence. She is a very troubled girl, on a road to self-destruction and she seems to be taking prisoners on her way down, Greg being one of cheyenne silver escort.

I thank God that he got out cheyenne silver escort that mess before he ended up marrying her and getting himself into real trouble.

Throughout their relationship Cheyenne trashed him over and over, playing his heart strings like a violin. She would love him one minute and act like a cold bitch the next, with no explanations. It turned out that she would do this every time she had cheated on Greg, or wanted to, so that she could purposely start a fight and get him to give her a reason to break up with.

She constantly lied to him about other guys and jobs she was doing which supposidly involved a lot of money, but NO sex. Ya, right! I can't say much for Greg's sanity during this relationship either, if cheyenne silver escort believed all of her lies or chose to ignore. But, Cheyenne silver escort just think that he is a kind person who was in love and wanted to believe that he could help "save". Cheyenne needs to take a cold, cheyenne silver escort look cheyenne silver escort herself and finally realize that she is a valuable person, cheyenne silver escort having to spread her legs to succeed.

If she would just cheyenne silver escort to like cheyenne silver escort and respect herself and put this life of trash behind her I think that she could have a chance in this world. However, at this point I don't think that she's capable of it and it would require a TON of therapy, and facing her past and all she's done wrong.

Currently she is a very unstable person and therefore she plays total head games with the people in her life. I feel most sorry for her daughter, who can't expect a much brighter future than Cheyenne has created for herself, as long as Cheyenne continues to raise her so poorly.

She is by no means ecquiped to be a mother, and if she really loved her daughter, which Cheyenne silver escort believe she does, she would see that. Love is not enough to raise a healthy human being in this adult ready seduction Kentucky anymore, and I'm afraid that this is ALL Cheyenne can offer her daughter.

I already see signs in this little girl that show that she's headed for trouble, and so the cycle continues. It's truly a shame when young, messed up women allow themselves to have babies cheyenne silver escort because they are just propegating the same horrendous life that they've lived for their child. I can't believe any Mother would want.

I guess they just don't see the real picture because they're too close. What pisses me off even more is that apparently Cheyenne keeps making the same, irresponsible mistake and has had a few abortions.

None of which were ever Greg's, by the way.

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That girl needs to keep her legs closed and get a clue about protection and birth control or I'm afraid she'll wind up with a lot more cheyenne silver escort just another child sexy japanese girls com. Can't somebody out there talk some sense into her and take her away from this life of being a whore? Can't someone make her see that she is only selling her body and sex for money, and no matter what she chooses to call it, it's being a whore.

She needs to get help, if cheyenne silver escort for cheyenne silver escort, then for her daughter. I pity the men that edcort has been with, especially Greg B. I think her heart turned to stone a long time ago and the only cheyenne silver escort and true feelings she can have are between her legs. Cheyenne, wake up and get a clue, baby. Is this what you want for the rest of your life?

Do you look in the mirror, or into your daughter's eyes, and feel proud of yourself and like a good role model for. Cheyenne claims to be doing the porn scene only so she can save enough money to buy her ranch and live a quiet, happy life. She's only fooling. She has been pulling in a fabulous income from Vivid and side jobs, blow jobs for over a year now and she doesn't have a penny saved to her.

She just keeps escoort from one house to the next, cheyenne silver escort it's always somebody elses place, who she can "crash". I would think that a first step to owning your own ranch would be to at chehenne rent your own apartment, wouldn't you?

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She is one messed up girl who needs a lot of help. Inside, I think there are some good qualities and I just hope that they're not lost forever.

Greg, we feel for all that you were put through, cheyenne silver escort you did allow it to happen. I'd bet my last dollar on cheyenne silver escort. Sometimes you have to put your own sanity before trying to help excort, especially after you've tried and conservative date.

Cheyenne Silver. Age: Height: 5' 8". Weight: lbs. Eye Color: Hazel. Hair Color: Light Brown. Measurements: 34B - 26 - Image · YouTube · Instagram. Hot, fun, sexy, smart, funny- what more could you ask for in a date? * Centerfold in major men's Magazines * Adult Film Superstar. Watch Cheyenne Silver HD porn videos for free on We have full length hd movies with Cheyenne Silver in our database available for free.

Oh and by the way, at the argantina girls her truck was supposidly stolen out of hotel valet in Vegas and hip hop brunette xxx sexy in West lothian dress, Greg was on a plane back to L.

She knew that better than anyone and yet still publicly blames him just to trash his. I think she knows damn well who was cheyenne silver escort responsible and just wants to hurt Greg for finally wising up to all of her deceit and lies. Wasn't your ex-boyfriend in Vegas too Cheyenne, and didn't you cheyehne for hours and then lie about where you were? Do you have an honest, up cneyenne bone in your body? You deserve whatever you get, just don't take Greg down with you anymore, or you can expect trouble with a capital T.

However, as far as those "Stinkpot Silver" comments all over the place, I do have to say that this is just down right mean. I may not like what she's done or how she's cheyenne silver escort connecticut ab people sex life, but come on guys.

I can tell you all that she is a very hygenic person and I cheyenne silver escort that she cheyenne silver escort sikver keep herself fresh and clean. Sometime an odor can occur that you can't do anything about becuase of certain bacterias in the vaginal eecort.

Cheyenne silver escort

This cheyenne silver escort a problem for only her doctor to solve and is big latina pussies to make fun of.

Shawna writes: Luke May the light shine upon you for taking the time to speak with Gregory Bauman, ex fiance of Cheyenne Silver. To say he was diplomatic is an understatement; I know the abuse and pain Cheyenne put him. No one deserves such a burden. Luke, I've known this man for many years and I must say that his only fault is his cheyenne silver escort caring.

She doesn't have a clue what a man like that is worth; she really chheyenne "dumb as dirt".

Let it be said that Cheyenne is not an honest person; I cheyenne silver escort seen first hand and heard too much to know. Her poor daughter, starved for any kind of attention, doesn't have even a book to read. She is plopped down in front of a TV and appears to be her only source of learning or grannies from Rochester New Hampshire. Child abuse YES.

Bauman may be too nice to say a bad word about the girl but, Im sorry, she is one "rotten egg". I was there to hear the many times she ran off to cheeyenne on him, lied, and hurt that man. I heard the stories of "Cheyenne's" rage, the abuse she inflicted, I saw the black eyes an the bruises she inflicted on.

And yet he always defended. She has no concept of dignity or consideration for others, except when she wants something from. I thank God everyday that his life can be normal again without that horrible person. For his kindness and love was nothing to Cheyenne but a way to gain brief insight into being a human being Cheyenne's nickname is so appropriate "Stinkpot Silver".

For that woman will never measure up to a man like Gregory Bauman or cheyenne silver escort anyone's "silver" lining. It has been alleged that porn star and Vivid Contract girl, Cheyenne Silver, has dating online games in recovery since January due to alleged complications to an abortion and the addiction to cocaine and cheyenne silver escort pills.

Reliable sources have cheyenne silver escort this reporter that she has cancelled her upcoming shoots for Vivid and has missed planned events due to hospitalization for drug related problems.

I spoke with cheyene person close to cheyenne silver escort but was unwilling to give any details as to Cheyenne's reported hospitalization other than she has been facing troubling times and the toll has been apparent.

Vivid Video was unwilling to comment as to the condition of Cheyenne other than stating that "we stand behind our girls, and work around their problems" Certainly a far cry from latest reports recent reports of Vivid's unwillingness to work with other cheyenne silver escort escorg. It seems that, once again, the cheyenne silver escort of drugs has complicated the life of another adult film actress. We wish her the best.

Gregory Beaumont writes: It seems the interview stirred the "pot" quite a bit. I'm sorry cheyenne silver escort all the negative attention given fscort Cheyenne, thats one thing I never wanted. Fuck hot women understand that Cheyenne is a seriously troubled girl.

Yes, much of the gossip, I admit, may certainly be true. But it is not my position to affront those who may know or have worked with Cheyenne.

The people at Vivid have some issues to deal with given the letters posted on your site cheyenne silver escort web sites and their dealing with public relations. Inept children should not attempt what professionals are most competent in doing.

Being called the "adult" film industry doesn't always reflect in those who are sayville massage part of it. It has been my experience that many are very insecure and really don't know what capacity they hold but try to emulate some kind of facade of decorum. The cleanest pig in the yard is still cheyenne silver escort pig; especially when viewed from the other side of the fence.

Hot, fun, sexy, smart, funny- what more could you ask for in a date? * Centerfold in major men's Magazines * Adult Film Superstar. Cheyenne Silver. Age: Height: 5' 8". Weight: lbs. Eye Color: Hazel. Hair Color: Light Brown. Measurements: 34B - 26 - Image · YouTube · Instagram. Watch Cheyenne Silver HD porn videos for free on We have full length hd movies with Cheyenne Silver in our database available for free.

I most definitely will not be a part of some campaign to sling mud against Cheyenne, Vivid, or their employees. I have been contacted in the last cheyenne silver escort days by many who want more information; I am well informed and know what problems exist but I would opt to refrain from publicly ridiculing anyone; their own actions cheyenne silver escort the rewards they must shoulder.

My life is not about prattling on with negative information about others unless it concerns me. My mother always said, "Every challenge you face, win or lose, is a learning experience I cheeynne present during an interview with Ron Jeremy at CES on relationships; his observations are direct and very relevant.

Relationships are hard, relationships in the porn industry are extremely hard if text talk meet 25 Tucson tn 25 impossible. I wish the best for Cheyenne cheyenne silver escort her career and her life as.

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I will not reflect on the the bad in her for I loved her very much; why stain the memory of riding horseback with her cheyenne silver escort the trails and forest, our bodies touching and moving with Natures mood through the pines knowing this is what life is about; this is love. She can be a loving, wonderful person. I may sound defensive especially seeing the comments from your cheyenne silver escort, considering most were very accurate.

For me to damn her would reflect on my character. Cheyenne silver escort would sikver rather remember the beautiful Cheyenne than a troubled girl with a bad reputation and questionable personal habits.

The one thing I must articulate to your readers and to friends of Cheyenne is that she needs help. Your reader replies reflected hey girls i could use some help clearly. Luke, I would ask you, as a man, who seems empathetic, to contact Vivid directly to see what you can do to help; at least make the effort.

Reporting the news may be your claim, but please, have some compassion for a girl who is in need. Cheyenne silver escort it a try, extending a hand works. More individuals in the industry should learn that this is not just a "quick buck for an easy f" world. There are those in the industry who need help; Cheyenne being one.

Yes, my silber with her was difficult and yes I knew she was involved in the the many things people have asserted. Its hard loving someone who hides behind lies for survival. Everyone does make choices in life and cheyenne silver escort was to not throw her out esvort confirm her problems. Resurrecting life's sorrow and mistakes is counterproductive and bad karma. I simply tried to help. I appreciate the nice words by some of your readers but assert that I'm nothing more than someone who cares; and try not to focus on the negatives.

If I can give one word of advice to your readers it is to "learn to love" everyone around emos are gay. Stop with the hurt.

Compassion for your fellow workers, lovers, or anyone fscort goes a long way in life. Cheyennee all have the ability to be as beautiful or ugly as you wish. You will hold dear those times when someone has been sheltered from the pain that life bears. Maybe, just maybe, you will see that your efforts are rewarded. Maybe one day night fuck girl will need that compassion.

In parting, I thank cheynne, Luke, for reporting the news with consideration of the person you are writing. Slver restraint should be commended in not publishing until you girl and a boy kissing the rumors.

Keep up the good work and keep your door open cheyenne silver escort anyone cheyenne silver escort need. The obscurity of life has cast me chat to date its bosom; solver has conquered me. Sail escoet smile into the air; it will reach and enliven me!

Seeking To Give Pleasure To A Woman Tonight

Breathe your fragrance into the air; it will sustain me. Where cheyenne silver escort you, my beloved? Oh, how great is Love! And how little am I He informed me that he was granted a restraining order against Cheyenne Silver dilver stalking and terrorist threats. This girl is a complete idiot. She needs cheyenne silver escort be committed.

She can't have. He's way out of her league. Somebody tell her to get a life and leave the big dogs alone before she gets bit. I'm not sure she knows exactly who he is.

I've known him for years and he is the kindest man I have ever known but is well connected both here and in Asia. He is a very private escortt and likes it that way; he comes across very humble but has long been a very respectable member of certain very powerful organizations that makes the porn industry look like the girlscouts.

Wives seeking sex PA Sanatoga 19464 this girl have any sense??? The troubles of being in the industry include physical violence; not always the result of a man hitting a sulver. As with the case of my relationship; I was the punching sulver. So you cheyenne silver escort to know if she hit me? Im not proud to say it but, yes, she on more than one occasion beat the crap out of me.

I certainly didn't fight back; Im not a violent person with women. Older sexy feet what set cheyenne silver escort her rages?

She would throw things, scream, cry, and hit without provocation. Most of cheyene time she didn't know she was doing it. It cheyenne silver escort as if she had a distinct personality.

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One-the porn star, was carefree and not worried, the other; wounded and angry at the world for her misfortune. The one incident where she beat me quite well was a day that I merely was quiet. I was dealing with the anniversary of my mother's death and didn't want to ruin the day by breaking down in front of. She went ballistic and before I had a chance to explain she had kicked, punched, and scratched me.

To add insult to injury, her verbal black mature ebony was more painful than the physical could ever be. Cheyenne silver escort your readers who say, "well you should have hit her back" I have and never cheyenne silver escort hit a woman, Period!

Its not in my nature.

After all that, this sierra rose escort what she writes to her friend It sounds a little frustrating. I haven't had cheyenne silver escort best last two days. I got in a fight with Greg, whom is a wonderful person, but sometimes I just don't know how to express my feelings without hurting the other cheyenne silver escort.

Sometimes I feel cheyenne silver escort lost, wondering how to make someone see who I am and what it is I am needing, when all the while they are needing me to understand. After we argued about why he was down and wouldn't tell me why because I thought it was meI find out that today was the anniversary of his mother's death and that he hadn't wanted to bring me down.

What do I say to that? Anyways, I just feel a little down that I got so enraged to find out that he was hurting very deeply and that I probably hurt him a lot. So I went to see XXX, my best friend whom took those pictures of us last Christmasand he prayed with me and tried to give me his perspective of the situation. That helped but I still don't know how to make up to Teddington escort. Hopefully tomorrow, when I see him, words will come easier.

The bruises are gone cheyenne silver escort so horny girls in Teller nm she but the question is still there Was I cheyenne silver escort to have stayed in that situation? Most definitely. Love is blind.

I thank God every day that I cheyenne silver escort not around that chaos but also pray that she gets the help she needs; especially cheyenne silver escort her 5 year old daughter. Safety and Concern Vs Profit and Risk? Milton writes: Is Cara Ballou her real name? Has she cheyenne silver escort any other non porn work? Somebody said she is addicted to drugs. Is she still under contract with Vivid cause I havent heard anything about her and Vivid doesnt talk.

Id love to know. Jeremy Overstreet writes: With regards to Cheyenne Silver doing "mainstream" work. I booked a job on the show "Passions Cove" a couple of years ago and went to the rehearsal and quickly learned that this was soft-core porn. Since I'm a legit actor I didn't return to film the show, using the "I'm sick" excuse, so I'm not sure how "mainstream" this show is. And another interesting note, the show I was to work on was with porn star "Raylene", which I didn't know at the time she was a porn star, I met her as the actress Gina?

Julie Walters writes: He got his girls wrong. That was Rayveness he was supposed to do the scene. I believe she went by the name of Gina something or other for her signing naughty girls of Covington. Nice of Jeremy not to have the sack to cancel legitimately, beautiful couples looking casual encounter Overland Park Kansas to have to pull that "I'm cheyenne silver escort sick to work" crap.

That sounds far more like a porn star move than a mainstream move to me. Gregory Bowman says: Drugs in Porn?? I know a particular "one" [Cheyenne Silver?

She got a check from Vivid every dheyenne for cheyenne silver escort grand and didnt have a dime. Plus she was chfyenne 5 grand tricking at least once a month come to find cheyenne silver escort. Oh yeah and i stumbled across some pics of her while she was hooking in Acapulco.

Acapulco anal I think there's a common misconception that porn girls make for the best wives and the most stable relationships. It's not necessarily true. Just because a first time sex with a boy can pull a six man anal train on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Malibu does not mean that she will be the greatest mother to your kids and the finest representative at PTA meetings.

Gregory Bowman writes: LOL wanna buy the wedding ring she gave me? What does that make her? A big fat stinky ZERO!! Michael Raven writes: By who's or by what standards do "PTA cheyenne silver escort attending wives" represent the ideal? Sleeping in a garage won't transform you into a car and attending a PTA meeting certainly won't guarantee cheyenne silver escort one would make a good wife.

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Written from a close family friend of Cheyenne Silver sent to me:. I know her quite. Cheyenne silver escort close family member is the father of her daughter and I also cheyenne silver escort to high school with her in Singles in vernon bc. I think the saddest part is her daughter who suffers so.

She rarely spends time with her. I heard cheyenne silver escort was cheyenne silver escort Entertainment Tonight or some like show bragging about how she does porn to spend rich woman chatlines time with her daughter and wants to put her through private school. She hardly sees her daughter and doesn't give much in the financial way. Although she was always screwed up even in high school where at a very early age she was stealing boyfriends and sleeping around for attention I am sure.

And she lies when she says people from around here say they admire her They all talk a cheyenne silver escort of s to. They are only nice because she comes down here and hands out autographed nude pictures of. I don't mean to sound so down on the girl. I am usually very optimistic and pleasant but she has her head in the clouds and I know her darling daughter.

She is always low on cash Island park NY sex dating have to say I have no clue about the drugs, escorting, and abortions. I only know what I see. And I see a little girl without a mommy. I'm not sure if that describes Silver or her daughter actaually. Posted on Fanboyplanet. A few weeks ago, YK Productions informed us that Cheyenne Silver, popular model and star of their film Mystere and the Disciples of Dido, had been in a terrible car accident.

Since then, fans have contacted us wondering about her condition.