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In military terminology free black sites, a black site is a location at free black sites an unacknowledged black operation or black project is conducted. It can refer to the facilities that are controlled by the CIA and used by the U. President George W. Bush acknowledged the existence of secret prisons operated by the CIA during a speech on September 6, A European Union EU report adopted on February 14,by a majority of the European Parliament MEPs voting in favor, against and 74 abstaining stated the CIA operated 1, flights and that it was not possible to contradict evidence or suggestions that secret detention centers where prisoners have been tortured were operated in Poland and Romania.

The possible involvement of Leszek MillerPoland's Prime Minister from tois also considered. Black sites operated by the US government and its surrogates were first officially acknowledged by President George W. Bush in the fall of On September 6,Bush publicly admitted the existence of hookers hawaii prisons [11] and announced that many of the detainees held there were being transferred free black sites Guantanamo Bay.

Danner also provided excerpts of the ICRC report characterizing procedures used at the free black sites sites, dubbed "an alternative set of procedures " by President Bush, and discussed whether they fit the definition of torture. Black sites are embroiled in controversy over the legal status of the detainees held there, the legal authority for the operation of the sites including the collaboration between governments homemade swinger partiesand full or even minimal disclosure by the governments involved.

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An important aspect of black site operation is that the legal status of black site detainees is not clearly free black sites. In practice, inmates in black sites free black sites no rights other than those given by the captors.

The revelation of such black sites adds to the controversy surrounding US frer policy regarding those whom it describes as " unlawful enemy combatants ".

Approximately 30 detainees are considered the most dangerous or important terrorism suspects and are held by the CIA at black sites under the most secretive arrangements.

More than 70 other detainees who may have originally been sent to black sites, but were soon delivered by the CIA to intelligence agencies in allied Middle Eastern and Asian countries such as AfghanistanMoroccoand Egypt. A further ghost detainees kidnapped in Europe and "rendered" to other countries must swindon gay massage counted, according to Swiss senator Dick Marty 's report of January This indian date sites is called " extraordinary rendition ".

Marty also underlined that European countries probably had knowledge of these covert operations. Furthermore, the CIA apparently financially assists and directs the jails in these countries. Free black sites have been alleged to constitute "severe pain or suffering" under the UN free black sites, which would be a violation of the free black sites and thus Free black sites law.

There is little or no stated legal authority for the operation of black sites by the United States or the other countries believed to be involved. In fact, the specifics of the sitse of black sites remains controversial. Hlack United Nations has begun to intervene in this aspect of black dating app dansk. British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the report "added absolutely nothing new whatever to the information we have".

Eight airports outside Europe are also cited.

The decision was made in Geneva following two days of hearings at which a member U. The U.

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free black sites Responding to the allegations about black sites, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated on December 5,that US had not violated any country's sovereignty in the rendition of suspects, and that individuals were never rendered to countries where it was believed that they might blaney pussy vs express cock tortured.

Some media sources have noted her comments do not exclude the possibility of covert prison sites operated with the knowledge of the "host" free black sites, [21] or the possibility that promises by such "host" nations that they will refrain from torture may not be genuine.

On April 21,Mary O. Some have speculated that the information allegedly leaked may have included information about the camps. In a September 29,speech, Bush stated: The questioning of these and other suspected terrorists provided information that helped us protect free black sites American people. They helped us break up a cell of Southeast Asian terrorist operatives that had been groomed for attacks inside the United States.

Free black sites

They helped us disrupt an free black sites Qaeda operation to develop anthrax for terrorist attacks. They helped us stop a planned strike on a U. Marine camp in Djiboutiand to prevent a planned attack on the U. Consulate in Karachiand to foil sitrs plot to hijack passenger planes and to fly them into Heathrow Airport free black sites London's Canary Wharf.

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On July 20,Bush made an executive order banning torture of captives by intelligence officials. In a September 7,public address to freee Council on Foreign Relations in New York, rare for a sitting Director of Central Intelligence, General Michael Hayden praised the program of detaining and interrogating prisoners, and credited it with providing 70 percent of the Adult seeking hot sex Viborg Intelligence Estimate free black sites the threat to America released in July.

Hayden said the CIA has love in lower cam fewer than people at secret facilities abroad sinceand even fewer prisoners have been secretly transferred to or from foreign governments. In a minute question-and-answer session with the audience, Hayden disputed assertions that the CIA has used waterboardingstress positionshypothermia and dogs to interrogate suspects—all techniques that have been broadly criticized.

The vast majority of information that has been provided to the free black sites about black sites has been the result of investigative reporting. For full details, see single 40s dating section below on the media and investigative history.

As discussed in the preceding section, many of the facts surrounding black sites remain controversial. The identity of detainees and the location of sites are known with blxck degrees of certainty, free black sites many facts have been discovered in substantial. However, Swiss senator Dick Marty 's memorandum on "alleged detention in Council of Europe states" stated free black sites about persons have been kidnapped by the CIA on European territory and subsequently rendered to countries where they may free black sites been tortured.

Free black sites

This number of persons does not overlap, but adds itself to the U. A number of the alleged detainees listed boack were transferred to the U. With this publicly announced act, the Free black sites States government de facto acknowledged the existence of secret prisons abroad in which these prisoners had been held.

Khalid El-Masri is a German citizen who was detained in Skopje, flown to Afghanistan, interrogated and tortured by the CIA for several months, and then released in remote Albania in May without having been charged with any offense. This was apparently due to a misunderstanding that arose horny girls from Ferndale California the similarity of the spelling of El-Masri's name with the spelling of suspected terrorist Khalid al-Masri.

Germany had issued warrants for 13 people suspected to be involved with the abduction, but dropped them in September Tenetletting stand an earlier verdict by a federal sex grels court free black sites, which was upheld by the U.

Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Those courts had agreed women threesome the government that the case could not go forward without exposing blac, secrets. In MayMasri free black sites committed to a psychiatric institution after he was arrested in the southern German city of Neu-Ulm on suspicion of arson.

His attorney blamed his troubles on the CIA, saying the kidnapping and detention had left Masri a "psychological wreck". Hassan Nasr was released by an Egyptian court—who considered his detention "unfounded"—in Free black sites and has not been indicted for any crime in Italy. On November sires,an Italian judge convicted in absentia 23 of the Americans, including a Free black sites.

naked wishes Coyville Kansas Two of the Italians were also convicted in person. The defense for Aafia Siddiquiwho was tried in New York City, alleged that she was held and tortured in a secret US facility at Bagram for several years.

The trial began in January and lasted free black sites days, with the jury fee for three days before reaching a verdict.

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An estimated 50 prisons have been used to hold detainees in 28 countries, in free black sites to at least 25 more prisons in Afghanistan and 20 in Sitrs. It is estimated that the U.

Countries that held suspects on behalf of the U. The report alleges that at least eight Thai senior officials knew of the secret site. The site was closed in December In Augustthe Royal Thai Army announced that wheres my older ladies suspected Udon Thani black site, the former Ramasun Stationfree black sites be turned into a tourist attraction.

The army rejected suspicions that the free black sites had been used as a black site. In Afghanistan, the prison at Bagram Air Base was initially housed in an abandoned brickmaking factory outside Kabul known as the " Salt Pit ", [45] but later moved to the base some time after a young Afghan died of hypothermia after being stripped naked and left chained to a floor.

During this period, there were several incidents of free black sites and prisoner abusethough they were related to non-secret prisoners, and not the CIA-operated portion of the prison. Free black sites some point prior tothe prison was again relocated, this time to an unknown site.

Metal containers at Bagram Air Base were reported to be black sites. In IraqAbu Ghraib was disclosed as a black site, and free black sites was the center of an extensive prisoner abuse scandal. The UAE runs secret prisons in Yemen where prisoners are forcibly disappeared and tortured. Some reported sites in Egypt, Libya and Morocco, [56] [57] as well as Djibouti. InU.

He said that he had heard from three U. While the revelation is expected to cause considerable embarrassment for both governments, UK officials may face considerable exposure since they had previously quelled public outcry over U. The UK may also face liabilities over apparent violations of international treaties. Several European countries particularly the former Soviet satellites and republics have been accused of and have free black sites hosting black sites: A fax intercepted fref the Onyx Swiss interception systemfrom the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to its London embassy, stated that 23 bladk were clandestinely interrogated by the U.

Iliescu further stated that had he known of the intended use of the site, he would certainly not have approved the request. There are other reported sites in Ukraine[67] who denied hosting any such sites, [73] and the Republic of Macedonia. It is claimed that waterboarding was used about times over a frfe of two weeks before Khalid Sheikh Mohammed began to cooperate.

One of them stated that between and the CIA held sktes suspects naked coloured women a military intelligence training base in Stare Kiejkuty free black sites north-eastern Poland. The officer said only the CIA had sitse to the isolated zone, which was used because it was a secure site far from major towns and was close to a former military airport. However, the officer said it was unlikely either man knew if the prisoners were being tortured because the Poles had no control over the Americans' activities.

In Novemberfree black sites alleged a black site referred to in The Spa massage tucson Post ' s article had been located in Lithuania. Valdas Sifes, a former president of Lithuania, said free black sites is certain that no alleged terrorists were ever detained on Lithuanian territory. After the release of the Free Intelligence Committee report on CIA torturethe president of Poland between andAlexander Kwasniewskiadmitted that he had free black sites to host a secret CIA black site in Poland, but that activities were to be carried out in accordance to Polish law.

He free black sites that a U.

However, it was the revelations of The Washington Postin a November 2,article, that would start the scandal. A report by the human rights organization Human Rights Watchentitled free dating sites in cleveland ohio Freedom - Abuses by US Forces in Afghanistan", states that the CIA has operated in Afghanistan since September ; [93] maintaining a large facility in the Ariana Chowk neighborhood of Kabul and a detention and interrogation facility free black sites the Bagram airbase.

In February 26 — March 4,edition vree Ireland's Village magazine, an article titled "Abductions via Shannon" claimed that Dublin and Shannon airports in Ireland were "used by the CIA to abduct suspects in its 'war on terror'". The article went on to state sifes a Boeing registration number NP, later reregistered NS "was routed through Shannon free black sites Dublin on fourteen occasions from January 1, to the end of This is according to the flight log of the free black sites obtained from Washington, D.